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  • 21 Oct 2015


No sooner will the Christmas decorations have come down than we'll be thinking of re-decorating our homes, fresh and bright for 2016. As we accelerate towards the festive season and another New Year, it's time to have a look at what's hot, and what's not, for next year.

Thanks to the development of new materials and technologies, we are seeing an amazing array of looks and ideas from designers and retailers in the pipeline.

New products are making it easier to build and renovate, with an emphasis on earth-friendly smart homes and a rather nostalgic return to natural and vintage elements.

It's quite a contradiction in terms, isn't it? As new technology enables our homes to become more hi-tech, we are actually using that ability to return to original materials, in a bid to reduce our impact on the planet and on nature.

Not quite like Granny used to make

Indeed, one of the trends predicted for 2016 is a bigger move towards artisan homewares.

Basketry, macramé and crochet are all making a come-back next year - but not quite like Granny used to make!

Search out modern and innovative designs and try and support your local makers to keep the dollars local and boost the economy that also supports you.

Or, if you choose globally-crafted goods, be sure to check the makers actually benefit - not just the importer!

Don't be afraid to mix vintage and artisanal items with mass produced goods to produce the look you want. It will certainly make for a more interesting room.

Science and art collides

Again reflecting the paradox of new technology helping us re-discover our natural past, we will see a greater merging of science and art in design next year.

A prime example of this is the range of lamps from Dutch designer Arnout Meijer. Stunningly artistic to look at, and completely functional, Arnout is inspired by optical physics and digital technology.

Another way of merging art and science in your home decor is to adopt a steampunk style. That is, merging the elegant look of the Victorian era with the strength of industrial elements.

This style opens up endless possibilities, blending exposed brick and wood, industrial metals, leather and other materials, and decorating with vintage machinery and medical instruments, old clocks, trunks etc.

Finding the balance

Of course, good design is all about balance, and the balance of naturalism and minimalism is another key trend. Products are minimized yet reflect the true quality of nature.

Colours are both neutral and bold, patterns are low profile.

It's a kind of renaissance, where individual taste and good taste are the key.

Look for innovative products that make your life easier, but a design that takes you back to the past, a constant juxtaposition of old and new which, in turn, creates both excitement and grounding.

Happy decorating!