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  • 22 Jul 2015


Spring is just around the garden and while you may be ready for warmer days and backyard fun, your garden might not! Spring cleaning isn't just for your home - it's for the garden, too, and now is the time to get stuck in.
In just the same way you freshen up a home that has been shuttered up all winter, so lawns and the rest of your landscaping need some TLC at this time of year, to prepare your yard for the growing season.

How does your garden grow?

Take a look out the window - what do you see? Overgrown lawn? Weeds? Fallen palm fronds? And what about those pavers - nice and slimy after the winter rain?
Not that appealing is it?
A great start is to clean up those pavers around the pool or in your courtyard. For not only are they ugly but they can be a hazard, too, when they get green and slippery.
Probably the most effective way to clean up is with a high pressure water cleaner. There are many brands on the market so it depends how much you wish to spend. But sometimes it is a case of "getting what you pay for"! Some of the cheapies don't have much power so read the specs before you pay.
And remember, safety first, when working with electricity and water!
It's a little tedious but also rewarding, as you watch that dirt and grime disappear before your eyes!
Of course, there are also a variety of chemical cleaners on the market these days, too. Just be sure to read the label if you have pets or young children and make sure it's safe for use in your home.

Is the grass always greener?

Next up is the lawn - a good mow and a feed of fertiliser might be enough. But if the winter has taken its toll and left bald, dead spots you may need to sow some grass seed or buy in some turf.
If some areas of your lawn are still soggy from winter rain, avoid any heavy work in that section until it dries out or you could do some damage.
And it's a good idea to gently rake away leaves and debris so the grass can breathe.
How are those garden beds? Full of weeds, no doubt! While the soil is still moist pull on the gloves and start pulling those weeds! That will make a huge difference.
Trim back any dead branches and stems so light and air can reach new growth. And while you're at it, a good feed of fertiliser wouldn't go amiss. Well rotted manure is a great choice, providing important nutrients as well as a protective layer of mulch.
There's plenty more to do in the garden in spring and we'll cover some other aspects next time. But if you tackle the above now, you'll notice an instant improvement - and your plants will thank you for it.