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  • 13 Dec 2014

The Five Most Successful Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies

We live in a digital world – this is something you need to keep in mind when coming up with your real estate promotion strategy. Selling a house has become easier than ever, if you manage to put a creative listing together.

What does it take to impress today’s real estate buyers? For a start, you have to be aware of the manner in which people look at listings. The overwhelming majority of buyers relies on internet to look for houses and apartments. What does it take to reach these people? Are you aware of the fact that they often use smartphones to view listings?

This kind of information can help you sell property faster and at the optimal price. Here are five of the most effective digital marketing strategies that prove to be incredibly applicable to the real estate sector.

Visual is Better

Text can tell a lot but a picture will create an immediate first impression. It can make an individual desire the particular house and this kind of response will help you sell your home fast.

Pictures are the aspect of real estate listings that potential buyers spend the most time on. They tell a story and present details that buyers are highly interested in. These are the reasons why you need to dedicate enough time to photographing the house in the best possible way.

We’ve even created a real estate photography guide that you can rely on, in case you have no idea how to get started.

The Power of Social Media

Use social media to reach a bigger number of people. Whether you want to say locally or nationally, social networks provide a targeted and cost-effective option for getting the message across.

You can use social networks to promote your listing without spending anything on the campaign. The best networks for the purpose include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even Pinterest.

Start by sharing the news about the upcoming property sale with your followers and members of your network. These people will help you contact other individuals that have some interest in the property purchase. The more you active you’re on social networks, the easier it’s going to be to reach a big number of interested buyers.

Local Marketing and Segmentation

As already mentioned, visuals have become more important than text. Adding a few descriptive lines to accompany the pictures, however, can enhance your efforts.

Adding local dimensions to the text is a great idea for reaching the crowd interested in a particular place. Mention the name of your city and the district in your listing and in the photo captions. This approach will make it easier for the listing to appear among search engine results for a particular local phrase (like “property + name of the city”).

Email Marketing can be Effective

Email marketing is a bit old-school when it comes to digital promotion. Sending such messages to people that are potentially interested in the topic, however, can result in some form of engagement.

Send messages to friends and acquaintances about the property sale. You can include photographs or a link to your online listing. Provide all of the important information and ask these people to share the news with others that could have some interest in real estate purchase.


Many people use their smartphones and tablets to access real estate listings. Make your presentation attractive for this audience.

Focus on visuals. A beautiful slideshow or a video presenting your pictures will enable the audience to explore all of the details on a small screen. A presentation like the one that the My Real Estate Voice team will put together for you is an excellent option for reaching the mobile crowd.

These five trends will create in a modern and attractive presentation, especially if you think strategically about it. Try to get in the buyer’s shoes. What is this person looking for and how can you impress the potential buyer? The more time you dedicate to understanding the basics, the easier it will be to make your listing more impressive.