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  • 06 Apr 2015

The Digital House Hunt: What It Takes to Attract Buyers

The contemporary property buyer is adopting an innovative approach when it comes to searching for a new house. Sellers need to keep these new trends in mind, if they want to appeal to individuals that are seriously interested in making a purchase.

Several strategies can help you make your listing much more attractive and appealing in a digital age. The good news is that most of these strategies are relatively easy to implement.

What elements add to a contemporary property sale approach in a digital world? A focus on the visual and mindfulness about new media will be both tremendously important.

Buyers are Becoming Increasingly Visual

Photos and graphics will continue gaining importance in 2015 and the years to come. Are you taking this trend in consideration?

Focus on the quality of your images. The lead photograph accompanying your listing will often determine whether buyers will take the time to explore the details. Thus, you need to create a beautiful and enticing gallery that puts emphasis on the most attractive features of your house for sale.

We’ve given you many strategies and tips that can be used to make real estate photographs much more exciting. Light and a bit of staging can help you create a beautiful gallery, even if you’re just using a smartphone to take the pictures. A couple of real estate photography apps can also be used to set your listing apart and make it much more visible than others.

Online Searches Determine Visibility

For many individuals, the house search begins online. Be mindful of this fact when creating the real estate listing and adding details to the text accompanying your photographs.

Try to get in the buyer’s shoes when creating the listing. Incorporate phrases and terms that people will typically use when searching for property. These should provide information about the location of the house, its size and some of the most exciting features.

The most important information should appear in the title of the listing. Use the body of the text to flesh out your presentation even further. The more detailed it is, the more exposure your listing is going to get.

Video, Animation and Multimedia

Take the visual presentation a step further. Both video and animation are becoming essential in the world of digital house hunting.

For many people, creating a real estate video seems like an impossible task. You don’t need to create a film – an interactive photo presentation will be a great possibility for adding a bit of freshness to your listing.

Companies like My Real Estate Voice can help you put together a professional video. Click here to learn a bit more about the possibility. 

The Social Network Marketing Monopoly

Now that your listing is created, you will have to start thinking about reaching the biggest number of potential real estate buyers. You can do that without spending anything on the campaign.

Social media marketing is the perfect tool for a property seller. Start by spreading the news via your Facebook profile. Other social networks like Google+, Twitter and even Instagram can be really beneficial. Most people see Instagram as an opportunity for teens to share personal photos but it has a lot of marketing potential, as well.

The Digital House Hunt – A Property Revolution

To show you just how important these techniques are, we’ve compiled some statistics about the digital house hunt.

According to a digital house hunt study, nearly 90 per cent of all property buyers look for a house online. Over the past four years, property-related Google searches have increased by more than 250 per cent.

While doing their research, many property buyers look for videos on websites like YouTube. More than 30 per cent of buyers will also use a tablet or a smartphone when doing their research. When such devices are being used, the importance of photos and videos increases even further.

Think about these numbers and the manner in which our world is changing when coming up with your strategy. Information is readily available and everybody relies on internet to look for relevant data. This revolution can give you serious competitive advantage when selling your house, if you come up with the right combination of creativity and reliance on digital trends.