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  • 26 Oct 2014

Six Things Every Good Real Estate Photo should have

In a digital age that is becoming increasingly visual, knowing how to make photographs pleasing will be determining for the success of marketing endeavours. When it comes to real estate sales, many potential buyers decide whether to pursue an option on the basis of property photographs.

To help you with the task of creating the perfect presentation for your upcoming real estate sale, we’ve come up with a list of six things that every good real estate photograph should have. Ready to start the countdown? The first element focuses on cleaning, home staging and a bit of preliminary work.

Order and Cleanliness in the Frame

Think about what you want to show to potential buyers. Everything else should be taken out of the frame and preferably – out of the house.

Get rid of the clutter. It occupies too much space and makes the room appear smaller. If you want to have accessories in the frame, stick to a couple of quality pieces that contribute to comprehensive interior design.

Clean and scrub each surface to perfection. Cleanliness will give the pictures a bit of additional shine and lustre. Even if you are a photography pro, you’ll find it difficult to make a stained carpet or a dusty shelf look attractive.

Good Composition and Visual Harmony

Once the clutter is out, you should probably think about rearranging the furniture. What has made your home comfortable for so many years could potentially contribute to having really poor real estate photo composition.

Visual harmony is all about pieces that look good alongside each other. They should create a sense of completeness. Play around with the furniture and accessories. Take pictures from different places in the room to see whether the arrangement works and whether it creates a harmonious ambiance.

Good Colour Combinations

Harmony is also created through the selection of the right colour combos. You may consider repainting the walls or doing something about those old rugs before getting started with the photo session.

Neutral colours are the best ones for the background. They allow the main pieces to stand out. Refrain from having too many tones competing for attention in the frame. Bright, bold and saturated colours will make it difficult for the audience to focus on one thing.

You may think about having the same colours appearing throughout the photo shoot. This kind of consistency results in sophistication. Red and black work perfectly together. The same applies to blue and white. Grey and mahogany, blue and light green, green and brown or beige and red will all look good together. Some of the best combinations involve colours that look good alongside each other or the ones that are in perfect contrast.

Something Green and Alive

Having plants and flowers in your photos will contribute to a degree of liveliness, destroying the “sterility” of your home for sale.

You have to clean and de-clutter your home before getting started. These steps, though essential, will make the house feel as if nobody has ever lived in it.

A few potted plants and a beautiful bouquet of colourful flowers will change that appearance. In addition, green plants add a bit of beautiful contrast to the rest of the interior design and to the materials that the pieces are made of. You get both brightness and texture – it’s a win-win approach to taking real estate shots.

Some Unusual Angle

Most real estate photographers look at a room in the same standard way. Do something unusual, if you want to stand up.

Climb up on the kitchen counter and photograph the space from there. Alternatively, you can go low and experiment with a couple of shots from that position.

Needless to say, you need just one or two such unusual photos to make your presentation more interesting. Trying to achieve originality in every shot will confuse the viewer and make it impossible to figure out what the picture is presenting.

Vertical Lines that are Truly Vertical

The height at which you hold the camera and its tilt can make or break your real estate pictures.

Interior design features numerous edges. There are room corners, window corners, edges of doors and so much more! Having these edges appearing anything but vertical is going to make your audience dizzy.

Make sure that your furniture is not cut off at the bottom. Such imperfections will destroy the composition that you were working so hard on. Once again, you’ll have to experiment. Try holding the camera in different ways and view the outcome on a large screen to figure out which approach delivers the best results.

Real estate photography can be a lot of fun but you’ll also have to do some thinking. Practice is another important aspect for success. Take numerous photographs and work on improving your skills. Having many shots to choose among will increase the likelihood of being perfectly satisfied with the outcome.