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  • 20 Jan 2015

Six Business for Sale Advertising Techniques that will be Hot in 2015

Getting ready for one of the most important processes in your life? Selling your business to the right investor will determine the success of your future endeavours, as well as your financial stability in the years to come. Knowing how to advertise the opportunity is the ultimate prerequisite for reaching the right buyer.

Times change and so do corporate marketing practices. Certain techniques will be exceptionally hot and successful in 2015. If you plan to sell your company during the year, you’ll need to make use of at least one of these possibilities.

Spending a bit of time on marketing and knowing your audience’s main features will boost targeting and help you deliver the right message to the right crowd. Here’s everything you need to know about advertising a business for sale in 2015.

Follow this Basic Rule: Come Up with a Buyer Profile in Advance

No matter how innovative the marketing technique is, you have to come up with a buyer profile in advance. This rule remains unchanged and it’s going to have a serious impact on your business for sale marketing efforts in 2015.

Who’s the buyer that you’re trying to attract? Are you trying to sell to a local entity? Or maybe you want a bigger company to acquire your business? Are you targeting an investor who’s interested in a wide range of industries and different locations? Do you want to sell to someone with particular experience and interest in the industry?

You have to ask yourself these important questions in advance. Targeting local investors will be possible through local specialised publications, as well as local online portals. If you’re looking for broader, exposure, however, you’ll need to have a completely different business for sale marketing approach.

Social Media are More Powerful than Ever

Social media are continuously gaining popularity and influencing business interactions. Yes, you can use websites like Facebook to announce your business for sale but relying on professional social networks will enable you to get much better results.

Social networks like LinkedIn will help you accomplish much better results in terms of connecting with potential buyers.

Individuals looking for business opportunities and partnerships are becoming increasingly reliant on social networks like LinkedIn. Such portals give access to tons of relevant information. This is one of the main reasons why your business for sale ad should appear in at least one such social media. 

Visual is Better

2015 is going to be the year of multimedia and visual promotion. Relying solely on text is no longer going to do the trick. Buyers want to get a better idea about what they’ll be acquiring. Photographs and videos enable you to provide such information in advance.

The quality of your photos is obviously the most important factor. Professional photography is the best way to go, especially if you’re interested in attracting a major investor. 

Do a bit of staging before the shoot. Whether you’re trying to sell a store, a service-oriented business or a manufacturing facility, the rules apply. Each picture should present the best characteristics of your company and the features that make it unique.

Several other factors to keep in mind when taking the business for sale photos include:

  • Weather: choose the right day for the photo shoot.
  • Store or office location: some of the pictures should give a bit of background information. Where is the business located? Is this place attractive enough for a corporate location?
  • Equipment and infrastructure: the photos should paint a complete picture of the equipment and the technology that your business relies on.
  • Interactions with clients: you don’t want all of your photos to be static and staged. Taking a couple of shots during a regular business day will give potential buyers a good idea about your activities and your clientele.

Use Your Corporate Website and Other Online Opportunities     

Does your business have a website? Use this opportunity to do a bit of online promotion and to announce the upcoming company sale.

This tip is especially suitable for businesses that have a popular website visited by thousands of people on a daily basis. An online publication can reach numerous people, which is why the marketing opportunity ranks among the most effective ones.

Apart from relying on your own website, look for partnerships with specialised online projects. My Real Estate Voice, for example, is a great place for your business for sale presentation. You can find more information about the possibility here.

Text Accompanying Multimedia

Multimedia is great but you still have to provide enough text. The content will provide the additional details that potential buyers are looking for.

A good ad is a brief one. You can’t focus on everything that makes your business great. Narrow it down to a couple of unique and distinctive characteristics. Your main goal is to get potential buyers interested and eager to find out more. A few essential bits and pieces of data will accomplish just that goal.

Some of the essential data to include in your ad includes the business type, its location, the price and some customer highlights.

Keep the Ad Current

If any changes take place while you’re attempting to sell the company, do your best to update the ad in a prompt manner.

Make sure that potential buyers are getting access to relevant and adequate information. Don’t focus on facts that were true one year ago. Buyers can easily find out about the current condition of the company. Focus on the latest data that you have and simply highlight the best features of your business.

You have many possibilities in terms of advertising a business for sale. The good news is that most techniques happen to be quite effective without costing too much. Think about the particular buyer you want to attract and once you have clarity about the profile, choose the advertising method that will deliver the best results and the highest return on investment.