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  • 12 Sep 2014

The Most Common Real Estate Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Some people have an eye for photography, others will need to learn through trial and error. This is why photography mistakes tend to be common among people taking pictures for their property for sale listings.

A few of these mistakes can have a really negative impact on the presentation. Are you just getting started with real estate photography? Try to avoid the following mistakes and the outcome is certainly going to be very aesthetically-pleasing.

Bright Windows, Dark Interiors

Light, light, light – we’ll never get tired of repeating how important it is for making your pictures perfect.

Having overly bright windows and dark interior in the rest of the room will make it very difficult for the viewer to understand what’s going on in the picture. This is why you should choose a day that is sunny but not exceptionally bright. If necessary, pull down the curtains and use additional sources of light to make the appearance of the entire interior even.

Unnatural Hues

Problems with the light could result in colours that look unnatural. We’ve all seen the photos that appear to be overly blue or excessively reddish. Though such a mistake can be fixed with image editing software, trying to take a picture that looks natural will be a much better possibility.

Experiment with the camera’s settings and photograph during different times of the day to figure out which combinations result in the most natural photographs. You will probably have to do a bit of tweaking, which is why dedicating an entire day to taking the pictures is usually a good idea.


Make sure that the pictures are sharp and focused. Nothing speaks of the lack of professionalism more than a blurry picture.

A photo that misses focus will make it difficult for the audience to get a lot of the essential information. Sharp focus and the ability to see the small details often contribute to the attractiveness of the photographs. If you have problems with keeping your hands steady or choosing the right camera settings, get a tripod. These are quite inexpensive and they can do miracles for the quality of your pictures.

Offensive Items Appearing in the Picture

Some of the mistakes involve the staging of your home rather than your ability to take a sharp and beautiful picture.

Some people will have problems with artwork that features the nude human body. Political items and the bedroom of a teenager could also turn into a potential reason for controversy. A few of the potential buyers will be discouraged because of such items, so it’s always a good idea to stay on the safe side.

Outdated Photos

Can you use older pictures to market your house? This idea is a really bad one because it will provide potential buyers with misleading information.

Property changes as the years go by. You could have repaired the house or done other important changes that will not be presented in your photo presentation. The best thing to do is to take pictures of the house right before you begin the sale process. If you plan to do repairs and modifications, wait for those to be completed before you shoot the pictures.

No Photo Editing

Too much photo editing is a big mistake but so is no photo editing at all.

Image editing software can help you crop the pictures in an attractive way, fix problems like a bit of blurriness and improve the contrast or the colours. Just a little bit of software image altering can lead to the professional appearance of your presentation.

Don’t take it too far and refrain from using filters, masks and other tools that will alter the pictures in a significant way. Get rid of the minor imperfections but keep the presentation realistic.

Photo courtesy of: Andrew Morrell