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  • 08 Aug 2014

How to Guarantee the Quality of Your Real Estate Listing Photographs

The photos and the videos that accompany your real estate listing play an incredibly big role in its visibility. The manner in which people are viewing listings is changing. Tablets and smartphones are starting to play a big role in this field and the size of the screen makes the quality of the visuals even more crucial.

Do you know how to take the perfect real estate photos and how to create the videos accompanying your listing? The following guide will help you get started and acquaint you with some the real estate photography basics. 

Do You Need to Invest in a New Camera?

Though you don’t need a professional camera, taking property photos with your phone will deliver questionable results.
Even if you have the perfect light and the most beautifully staged home, you will find it incredibly difficult to get these benefits presented in the image. This is why you need to have a decent camera.

Any digital camera that has at least five megapixels will give you the results that you are hoping for. Everything else will depend on your photographic skills. 

Property Staging

Before starting to photograph, take a look around. What does your home look like? You have certainly come across the real estate photo and video listing disasters that feature unmade beds, poorly cleaned kitchens and messy sofas in the living room.

Clean the house and put emphasis on property staging. A few brand new accessories and some fresh flowers will create the perfect atmosphere that many buyers will be looking for. Try to boost the warmth and the modern appeal of your home. A little bit of de-personalisation will also go a long way.

A Few Outdoor Shots for a Start

Always include outdoor shots in the gallery to give the potential buyer some idea about the surroundings.

The façade of the house, the garden and even the appearance of the street can create the right settings. Always include a few such shots in your listing before moving on to details and the interior shots.

Light, Light, Light

Natural light is your best friend. This is why choosing the right moment for the photo session is one of the keys to taking some impressive property pictures. This rule applies to both the indoor and the outdoor shots.

Indoor photography is a bit trickier than taking the perfect picture of the façade. It depends on numerous factors including the number of windows, the manner in which light falls and the composition that you are trying to achieve.

Open the curtains and take photos early in the morning on a sunny day. Turn off the camera’s flashlight. Shadows and reflections will be highly visible, especially if you have to photograph glossy and shiny surfaces in your home.

Interesting Angles will Make Your Pictures More Attractive

Most real estate photos look nearly identical, even if the interior designs of the house are unique and spectacular. This lack of imagination takes away from the beautiful first impression that could have been created otherwise.

Instead of taking a frontal shot, try something different. Climb on a ladder and take a picture from above. Go on the ground and see what the room’s interior will look like from the lowest point.

An interesting angle can bring life into even the most static shot. Take your time to do a few photographic experiments and you will certainly be impressed by the outcome.

Take Dozens of Photos!

Taking just one or two photos will leave you no room for selection.

Each room should have at least 20 to 30 pictures. The more you shoot, the more options you will have. Don’t limit yourself with just a couple of shots completed over a 30-minute period. A good photo session will demand a lot of time so dedicate at least one day to doing everything correctly.

The very same rules apply to creating your real estate videos. Next time, we will address some of the real estate clip basics that you need to familiarise yourself with to make the best possible first impression.

Photo courtesy of: Roy Barnett Jr