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  • 29 Jul 2015


Property experts will always tell you that the first two rooms to renovate should be the kitchen and the bathroom. Some home improvements can make a difference to the overall look of the property, but won't do much to affect your sale price. But updating your bathroom and kitchen can add thousands to the value.

What's in and what's out?

Sadly for some Mediterranean-style bathrooms are no longer the flavour of the day. Look at design ideas from Europe and the US and it's clear that geometric 3-D tile designs are hot.
Interesting shaped tiles in monochromatic tones create visual interest without overwhelming the space.
Hexagon tiles reign supreme when it comes to geometric tiles and, for 2016, multi faceted designs in black and white are the go.  Visually arresting, a wall of these simply ooze luxury and sophistication.

Bath time is back

Yep, it's true. How quickly do styles come and go? Remember when rain showers were the hottest thing ever! If you're installing a new bathroom today make sure you invest in a soaking tub - and the bigger and deeper the better. And preferably it will be freestanding. White is no longer the top choice either - think black, stone grey or even metallic and you'll be totally on trend!

Am I not pretty enough?

No, you're not! 'Pretty' bathrooms are so out! Sustainable natural elements are in. Draw your design inspiration from nature and introduce earthy materials like natural stone or wood-look tiles.
Continue the indoor/outdoor theme with some plant life. Cascading vines and creepers can really dress up your bathroom. If you've got the space, and the funds, even consider incorporating a vertical garden into the room, creating a wonderful, jungle-feel environment that will make bath-time a joy.

Go for indulgence

Bathrooms are increasingly going from a useful, utilitarian room into a comfortable, luxury retreat. Some designers are taking this further by incorporating media and music into the layout.
Most will agree that the right music can make bath-time more enjoyable, but laying in the tub watching TV? Not sure about that one!
Lights are getting an overhaul, too. Rather than a single overhead light, today's designers are adding several lighting sources, making it a mood-setting design choice.
And out with that old bathroom favourite, the heat lamp, too! Instead people are installing heated floors and towel racks, as well as fire features in their master baths.
While some items might be beyond your budget, look around. You can often create the look without the big price tag by shopping savvy!