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  • 19 Aug 2015


Who doesn't love a water feature? But how many people decide not to add one to their garden because they think it's too much work?
With the amazing selection of pond shells, water features, fountains and water plants available through garden centres today, it really is very easy to transform your yard.
For starters, water is so relaxing. Research shows that time spent on or by water actively reduces stress levels. And it's not for nothing that water forms an important part of Feng Shui.

A symbol of abundance and prosperity

Fountains are very popular in Feng Shui because they bring the energy of water, and water is an ancient symbol of abundance and prosperity.
A fountain creates a tranquil sound, which is ideal if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or in the city. Just look at the number of natural therapies that include water! For an extra therapeutic effect you could add perfumed plants close by.
Water features come in all sizes, so whether you have a large garden or just a courtyard, you'll find the perfect piece.

Time to reflect

Have you noticed how architects often incorporate water into their designs? This is because of the reflective properties of water, meaning it can make spaces look bigger.
And nowadays it's super easy to add underwater lighting for amazing night time effects.
Water features are even more beautiful when they have sunlight shining through their water streams. For some cultures, this is thought to be the link with the spiritual world, while for others water is one of the sacred four elements and having it close means blessing of the gods.
One thing's for sure, the dappled effect of light on water is a stunning addition to any garden.
It's a good idea to track the sun through your garden before placing your water feature, to get the best effect.

Minimalist, traditional or natural?

You also need to decide on a style. For example, you may choose a minimalist Asian look, with bamboos, grasses and perhaps a Buddha.
Or you prefer a more earthy look, using natural river stone and boulders.
Once you have decided on the position and look of your water garden, you can start to fill it with plants, accessories and perhaps fish, to add more life.
A couple of things to consider before adding fish, however, is upkeep. Fish need clean water, algae and pond plants, and food.
Larger water features and fountains can be enhanced with pond plants that serve as natural decorations. Water lettuce is a popular floating plant, as are water lilies, plus the costs are very low.
Birds, frogs and insects are more likely to frequent your garden when there is always a source of water available. To encourage more wildlife make sure you have plenty of indigenous trees and plant life in the area.
And finally, water gardens are really cool. Literally! On a hot summer day, running water can cool your garden down and make it a more enjoyable environment in which to relax.