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  • 25 Nov 2015


Whether you're selling a home, buying a home, or staying in the one you've already got, the chances are you will at some point be struck by renovation mania!
Property owners spend millions of dollars every year on renovating, with the Sydney suburb of Mosman topping the list at more than $76 million last financial year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Out of all the states, Victoria spent the most at $2.15 billion.
That's an awful lot of renovating, but we should note, of course, that includes big ticket items, like new kitchens and bathrooms, installing pools and spas, and adding extensions.

Work miracles with pots of paint

The thing is, not all of us have the budget for a complete remodel. But you can give you home a brand new look with a few pots of paint and some imagination.
In the good old days a splash of mission brown was the top choice for Australia's old homes but today, we have every colour of the rainbow at our disposal. And while neutral shades are still very popular and practical, we are being encouraged to get a little more daring.
All eyes have been on the major paint companies to see what's going to be on-trend for 2016. Interestingly, the big, bold hues we were encouraged to try this year are giving way to more subtle shades, taking nature as the inspiration.

A return to tradition

This really is no surprise, as this year's design trends have seen a marked return to traditional building materials, like wood, stone and bamboo - and even mud brick.
Unveiling its Colour Trends for Summer 2016, Dulux has created a wonderful palette of muddy pastel shades, derived from nature and living matter.
Delicate hues such as greys, dirty pinks, nudes and natural greens are set to add an earthy feel to our home interiors.
There are colours that instantly make you think of plants, moss and stone, with wonderful names such as Old Eagle and Silkwort.

Communing with nature

By their very nature these colours will create a more natural, tranquil feel for your home, communing with nature, being at one with the land.
Could it be that despite the push towards big, bold colours, Australian homeowners were a little timid of their use, preferring instead those subtle shades that mix and match with anything?
Could it be that we simply don't want to overwhelm our space with dominant colours?
Remember, you can always dress up neutral interiors with clever pops of colour, using cushions, throws, plants and artwork. But it's awfully hard to tone down that spur-of-the-moment decision fuchsia feature wall!

Top tips for using colour

Make the most of natural daylight when remodelling a room
Review existing furnishings to ensure all the colours will work together
Look to your surrounding environment and garden for colour inspiration