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  • 07 Dec 2015

Keeping an Eye on Your World

With the rise in internet users, and improvements in availability, it is now more feasible than ever to set up a home surveillance system.

Whether you are considering it to protect the family jewels, or to keep an eye on troublesome pets, installing home security cameras has never been easier.

However, before you start, there are a few legal issues you need to be clear about. For example, a camera pointing into the street generally isn’t an issue, since it’s okay to film in a public place. However, if your camera can view a neighbour’s yard or inside their house, that’s a whole different matter! So avoid a potential conflict in the future and place the camera somewhere that doesn’t cause that issue.

When choosing your home security system, think about the features you need - and the ones you don't. No point spending extra on features you'll never use.

For example, some cameras offer hours and hours of storage but if all you’re interested in is live monitoring, that's an unnecessary features. Equally, if you are protecting a home business, you shouldn't just go for the cheapest model.

Exactly what are you monitoring? As this will help you decide whether you need indoor or outdoor cameras - or both. Clearly outdoor set-up is more complicated, as there may not be easy access to power supplies and you’ll have to rely on Wi-Fi rather than a cabled connection. If your main concern is external security, it can be worth the extra effort, but an indoor set-up is easier to get started with.

The ideal home surveillance system lets you monitor what’s happening at home through your phone or tablet - but also offers you the option of keeping the recorded footage.

Therefore it is super important to check compatibility with your preferred platform. Most systems support iOS and Androis as a minimum, but it pays to double-check.

As with most technology these days, home security camera systems generally include bundled software, and it's recommended you use it to ensure you have the right drivers and that everything will work. Plus there's support if it stuffs up!