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  • 18 Sep 2014

Ideas for Taking Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level

How do you impress potential property buyers? What does it take to make them say “I want this house!”? Coming up with the best possible presentation and stepping your marketing attempts up will both be essential for gaining competitive advantage.

The manner in which buyers look for information is changing. You have to be aware of the newest trends, in order to maximise your chances of success. Are you looking for inspiring ways to take real estate marketing to the next level? Try the following list! 

Get Your Home in Top Condition before Choosing Presentation Methods

Whether you choose a traditional or a more innovative marketing approach, you will have to get your house in the best possible condition first. 

A house that is perfectly clean and beautiful will photograph better and it will look appealing without a lot of editing and hard work. Dedicate at least one weekend to cleaning, painting, landscaping, varnishing and decorating. You can use this time to think about the creative strategy and the manner in which you want to position your property on the market.

Do Your Research

Still need some inspiration? See what the competition is doing and get some inspiration from their efforts.

Examine both traditional and innovative real estate listings. What are the owners doing right? What kinds of mistakes are they making? Learning from the experience of others will very often result in a coherent strategy that will deliver optimal results.

There is no need to copy somebody else’s listing. Browsing through such marketing materials, however, can give you some really great ideas about highlighting the best features of your property in the most efficient way.

Text is No Longer the Best Possibility

Traditional listings relied on a lot of text that supposedly told a story and made it easy for the potential buyer to imagine the property.

Guess what, this approach is no longer effective on its own. People are increasingly relying on internet to find information about anything that they want to purchase. Many individuals use a smartphone or a tablet to browse. In order to impress this audience, you will need to create a visual presentation.

Quality photographs have become more important than ever. Technology has gone a long way and you have no excuse for avoiding the possibility. You can take the perfect property photos, even if you are relying on a smartphone camera. Use our smartphone real estate photography guide to make the most of your efforts and to make your pictures beautiful.

Tell a Story

Random photography is not going to do the trick, you have to come up with a plan and choose the best approach towards telling a story.

Buyers want to be convinced. A little bit of personality and a pinch of creativity will go a long way. Most real estate presentations look boring and slightly sterile. Telling a story through the pictures that you choose will take the viewer on a journey and show them why the particular property is going to be a great home.

Know What the Best Features are

Follow one simple marketing rule – display the best assets of your property proudly.

Focus on the features that you like the most, the ones that are most valuable and unique. This kind of presentation will create a great first impression and it will prompt the potential buyer to find out more about the house.

The entire story could revolve around these unique features. As already mentioned, you have to do something that sets your presentation apart. This kind of approach will immediately bring the “coolness” factor of your listing up.

Acquaint Potential Buyers with the Neighbourhood

Good marketing gives the audience a little bit of side information. If you want to put the story into perspective, try to include a bit of information about the neighbourhood in your presentation.

A neighbourhood that has its distinctive charm and spirit will contribute a lot to the presentation. Many people choose property on the basis of its location and if the district is a prestigious one, you will certainly have to include this information in your marketing.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new, when it comes to selling real estate in the most adequate and effective way. If you need a bit of assistance for the creation of the perfect presentation, you can rely on our team. Click here to find out more about the services that we offer and the presentation possibilities you will benefit from.

Photo courtesy of, author: Andy Dean