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  • 12 Feb 2015

How to Take the Best Real Estate Pictures with a Tablet

By now, most of us have some experience with smartphone photography. The personal device is easy to use, intuitive and practical. How about taking pictures with a tablet? Can this mobile device create better real estate photographs and should you consider using it instead of your smartphone?

Understanding the differences between a smartphone and a tablet will be crucial for using the technology in the best possible way. The following overview will acquaint you with the specifics of the tablet camera, as well as the best real estate photography techniques you can use with this device.

How is the Tablet Camera Different?

The tablet camera is similar to that of the smartphone in terms of placement. In both instances, the camera is found on the back of the device. Thus, the photography technique would be somewhat similar. This is as far as the similarities between the two go.

There are some inherent differences in the quality of tablet and smartphone cameras, however, Most smartphones come with a bigger number of megapixels, as well as better camera functionalities than the tablets. The rule holds true for both iOS and Android-based devices.

Anyone who has both a tablet and a smartphone should attempt taking the same picture with both devices. The difference in quality will be noticeable, unless you have a really old smartphone model.

So, why should you consider taking real estate pictures with the tablet? Shouldn’t you use the better camera, in order to guarantee the quality of the images?

The tablet gives you a larger preview screen. It may simplify the task of finding the perfect angle and correcting some of the mistakes that could stem from smartphone photography. The tablet also simplifies the task of editing the pictures immediately after they’ve been taken. These conveniences are the main reasons why some choose the tablet over the phone.

Are you interested in creating your real estate photos using a tablet? If so, you may want to try the following techniques – they will help you maximise the quality.

Rule 1: Keep the Tablet Steady

The first and the most obvious prerequisite for a beautiful real estate photograph is steady hands. Make sure that the tablet is kept immobile while you’re trying to focus and while you’re taking the photo. Unlike a digital camera, a tablet doesn’t have image stabilisation that will compensate for shaky hands.

Practice the technique. A tablet is bigger than your smartphone, which means that it’s also heavier. There are, however, no handgrips on the sides. This is why you may shake the device while trying to take a picture. Do a practice run before the actual photo shoot. It will help you get comfortable with the device and ensure the steadiness of each shot.

Rule 2: Don’t Use the Flash

Your photos will look much better if you refrain from using the flash. This is a general rule that applies to both smartphone and tablet photography.

Even if the light is insufficient, the quality of a flash-free photo will be better than the one that utilises the artificial light. Instead of relying on the flash to make your pictures better, wait for the ideal light conditions.

Forced bright light will lead to over-exposure of certain picture parts. Thus, your real estate photos will look anything but professional and they will fail giving potential buyers enough information.

Rule 3: Keep the Lens Clean

Though this tip is logical and intuitive, many will forget to wipe the lens before getting started with the pictures.

The lens of a tablet aren’t as sensitive as the lens of digital cameras. As a result, a fingerprint or a spec of dirt can have a tremendously negative impact on the quality of the picture. Use a soft, natural piece of fabric to clean the lens before getting started.

Rule 4: Avoid Using the Zoom

It’s a better idea to get closer to the item that you’re trying to photograph than to use the zoom of your tablet. Excessive zooming is a really common mistake among inexperienced photographers but the digital (rather than optical) zoom will decrease the quality of the picture.

Rule 5: Use Photography Apps

We’ve already discussed the ways in which smartphone apps can be used to enhance real estate photographs. The very same can be used to increase the quality of the tablet pictures. Don’t overdo it – stick to an app or two that will give you more flexibility and functionality.

Finally, remember to experiment with the pictures and to add just a sprinkle of creativity to the process. The best real estate photos are professionally executed, thoughtful and somewhat different from what every listing features. Experiment, try different options and shoot many photos. This way, you’ll have a large number of possibilities to choose among for the creation of the best property presentation.