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  • 08 Sep 2014

How to Create an Impressive Business for Sale Photo Presentation

A picture is worth a thousand words – it may sound like a cliché but when it comes to creating the perfect presentation, this traditional saying remains true. Are you looking for business ways to sell your business quickly? The creation of a professional photo story will help you give potential investors important information about the most important characteristics of your business.

Presenting your business in the most positive light possible will require a bit of preliminary work and some creativity. Having the right photographic equipment is also important for satisfaction with the outcome.

Are you ready to promote your business in an innovative and highly efficient way? Here are six of the most important rules to follow for the creation of an impressive and highly professional business photo presentation.

Get Rid of Clutter and Mess

What do you need for beautiful pictures? Impeccable settings are the first and the most important prerequisite. Even if you have a professional camera, you will be disappointed by the outcome of photographing a messy office or a poorly-organised store.

Take some time to de-clutter the space and get rid of everything that you have been storing for a long time with the intention to finally throw away.

The atmosphere should look professional and well-ordered. Put emphasis on the most important business equipment and give it central placement in the pictures.

Use Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lens are great for small spaces like a tiny office, a little shop or a workshop that you want to present in the most flattering way.

Wide angle photography is capable of capturing more in a single frame than the use of standard lens. This is the perfect photography possibility for giving the potential buyer a really good idea about the entire space. You will also get better quality than the one achievable through the use of zoom lens.

This type of photography is mainly used in the world of landscape creation but it can do miracles for your business presentation. Just go through a gallery featuring photos captured with wide angle lens to get a better idea about the possibility.

Tell Actual Stories with the Photos

Instead of shooting an empty office or a perfectly organised but sterile store, try to tell a story with your pictures.

What is it that your company does? What are your most important corporate values and beliefs? Photograph the staff doing its work – you can take pictures at the office, during business meetings or while servicing clients.

Such pictures tell a lot about the company, the way it functions, the clientele and the growth potential of the company. 

Avoid Excessive Staging

Though a bit of de-cluttering and preliminary thinking will be essential, overly-staged photographs are going to look very artificial.

Don’t overdo it with the staging and directing during the photo shoot. Allow your employees to do their job and take pictures throughout the day. Such photographs are going to look most natural and attractive.

Be Careful with Image Editing

Image editing has become essential. It can get rid of imperfections, enhance colours and make pictures brighter.

The use of such software, however, is a double-edged sword. Editing can make photographs more attractive but it can also go too far. Such pictures will either look unrealistic or they will feature a distorted representation of reality.

If possible, allow a professional to do the editing for you. This kind of work will result in a natural-looking outcome that presents your business in the best possible way.

Focus on the Big Picture… and on the Details

Diversity is the key to telling a compelling story. Come up with a plan of the types of pictures you want to include in your business for sale presentation. You may even put a storyboard together to guide the process.

A good photo story will show the big picture and share some intriguing details. You can focus on the most important equipment or the key processes that are determining for your business. A little bit of artistic flare and playfulness will contribute to having a compelling and visually-pleasing presentation.

Take your time to photograph the most important aspect and features of your business for sale. You can tell an amazing story and convince a potential buyer that your company is worth the purchase. Dedicate enough time to conceptualise the photo shoot and to make the most of it – when used correctly, a photo story can be a really powerful marketing tool.

Photo couresy of: Paladin27