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  • 25 May 2016


Home security is a bit of a hot topic at the moment, given the recent spate of burglaries across Melbourne, which took place while the residents were in the building. In most cases, doors and windows were unlocked, which isn't unusual when somebody is at home.

Have you ever wondered just how secure your home is? What precautions do you take? Do you lock your doors at night? And what do you do when it's hot and you want to leave your windows open for the breeze?

These are all points that many of us give little thought to. We want to feel safe in our home and. for the most part, we do. And of course, it depends very much where we live, too.


Ensure all locks work

But have you ever noticed when you phone for a home and contents insurance quote, that they will ask if you have deadlocks on your doors, or security screens fitted? And the more you have, the lower the premium.

At the very least, ensure that all your doors and windows are capable of being locked, and replace any broken locks with new ones. You can do this yourself, or call in a locksmith.

It may also be worth putting locks or padlocks on gates and entrances, too, especially if you have an additional side or rear access that isn't used that much.

Security doors and windows are very affordable and widely available now, and are a great way of keeping your home safe, while still allowing in those lovely breezes. But take a good look at what you're getting. Some so-called security doors aren't that secure at all, and could easily be kicked in.


Security doors and windows

Steel security doors are an excellent choice. Hard enough to withstand just about anything, they are virtually impossible to smash, or unlock without the key. And choose the ones that close automatically, to ensure they are always in use.

Anti-theft doors are another choice, regarded by many as being superior to security doors. They cannot be unlocked without the original key, and often come with a camera.

Remember, with any sort of security, you're basically getting what you paid for, so if it seems very cheap, it probably isn't very secure!

Many home and business owners choose to use security systems for added safety. There are many types on the market today, and some can even be monitored from your mobile phone.


Monitored or unmonitored

The best system is, of course, the most expensive, but what price do you put on safety? A fully monitored system links directly to a security centre, so if the alarm is tripped, it sends a signal to the call centre, who will then phone the owner. The owner will have a password to use, should they have accidentally set the alarm off themselves.

An unmonitored system is more affordable and can be installed by the owner, or a professional. The alarm will go off if someone enters the property without disarming it, and this is quite likely enough to put most burglars off going any further.

If you are concerned about the security of your property, your first step is to seek expert advice. Either call in a particular service, like a locksmith or security screen fitter, or seek a detailed appraisal from a home security professional.