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  • 02 Sep 2015


Forget socks and jocks this Father's Day and check out the latest in hi-tech gadgets and systems for dad's castle instead! There are tons of products to help you control your home these days, via a single iOS or Android app.

Pick and choose your favourite gadgets to assemble an affordable intelligent abode or opt for an entire smart home system that does all the work for you.


Transparent TV is oh so cool

This has got to be everyone's 'must-have' this year - the transparent TV. Designed by Michael Friebe, it is an amazing piece of technology that combines conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology. This allows it to create non-transparent / solid moving pictures with rich colour reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to pristine white.

LG plans to develop 50-inch UHD flexible and transparent displays "soon", though some reports have said you shouldn't expect them until 2017.


Floor plan light switch

Does Dad forget which light switch works what? Taewon Hwang has the solution. The designer came up with the great idea of creating a master light switch with a simple design that shows you what lights you are turning on or off. By using a switch modified after your house plans, you know exactly what button to press.


Sony outshines its competitors

The Sony Eclipse is a media player which you can just stick in a window with a suction cup! Created by Hoang M Nguyen and Anh Nguyen, it is an all-purpose media player which stands out due to one feature - it is solar chargeable. It works through the use of photovoltaic cells on the backside which consumes solar power. It basically has a big solar panel so you don’t have to charge it with batteries or AC power.


Never be late again

With the iQ alarm clock. Instead of the snooze button which you unwillingly press in the morning, this alarm clock has questions that need your lucidity to solve them. This way, you will surely get up fast in the morning.


The power of The Ring

No, it's nothing to do with Lord of the Rings, although it will make Dad feel like the king of his castle! With just a swipe of the hand, this wearable hi-tech gadget can open your curtains or turn on your TV. Many actions can be programmed into the gadget and it's not just limited to the home.


One man and his dog

If Dad wonders what Fido gets up to during the day, the Petcube is the answer. This clever video-camera system allows you to remotely tune in to what your pets are up to. There's also a built-in mic so you can talk to your pup or kitty. You can even enable a laser pointer to entertain 'em!


Turn Dad into Mr Mum

LG's super smart TWIN Wash System might encourage Dad to do the laundry more often! This clever little gadget has a second washer beneath the main machine, which means you can do two loads at once. It's also connected to WiFi, so you can start your load while you're across town and receive notifications when your clothes are ready for the dryer.