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  • 27 Apr 2015

Five Unusual, Weird and Fun Real Estate Facts from across the Globe

Did you know that real estate has a fun, unusual and exciting side, as well? Interesting real estate facts from across the globe prove these claims. Different customs and perceptions have a major impact over the way in which homes and home sales are perceived.

Ready to enter the world of unusual and fun real estate? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most unusual facts that we’ve come across. 

Famous Apartments

There have been several famous properties on the television screen. One of the most popular places is Monica’s apartment from the favourite sitcom of several generations – Friends.

According to estimates, the actual value of Monica’s apartment in New York is 3.5 million US dollars (4.47 million Australian dollars). The proximity to Central Park and the size of the apartment are factors that have a certain positive impact on the price.

There are several other spectacular TV and movie apartments that we wish we owned. These include Carrie Bradshow’s apartment from Sex and the City (worth 600,000 US dollars), Bud Fox’s penthouse from Wall Street (worth seven million dollars), the Cruel Intentions mansion (worth the spectacular 48 million dollars!) and the How I Met Your Mother apartment (worth 1.45 million US dollars).

The Most Expensive Home in the World

The home of Mukesh Ambani (the richest man in India) is worth the spectacular one billion US dollars (1.28 billion Australian dollars). Several characteristics determine the heart-stopping value of this luxurious house.

The super-home in Mumbai has 27 floors and it was created to withstand an earthquake having a magnitude of eight on the Richter scale. The property called Antilla comes with six floors for parking purposes that can accommodate 168 cars, nine elevators, a ballroom having immense crystal chandeliers, a home theatre that can seat 50 people, hanging gardens that occupy three floors, an ice room, three helipads and numerous other conveniences.

A Modern-Day Robin Hood

Several criminals throughout history have had an incredibly good reputation among the general audience. Charles Floyd, known as Pretty Boy, was one such individual.

Floyd was a bank robber. His story, however, is different from that of other masked men who take large amounts of cash from financial institutions. Pretty Boy Floyd was mostly active in the 1930s and his robberies got a lot of media attention. When robbing banks, he used to destroy mortgage documents. 

The criminal activities of Pretty Boy Floyd freed dozens of individuals from their bank debt. It’s easy to see why he was so popular, isn’t it?

Haunted Houses

Did you know that New York property sellers have the legal obligation to disclose information about beliefs that their house could be haunted by ghosts?

This obligation stems from the so-called Ghostbusters Ruling of 1991. This ruling stemmed from the story of Helen and George Ackley who decided to purchase a large Victorian house in the 1960s. The couple, however, didn’t know that the house was “haunted.”

The couple lived in the house for more than 20 years and claimed that a ghost had been seen there on multiple occasions. Their bed shook every morning, apparently the work of an unsettled ghost. The couple sold the house in 1990, not bothering to tell the new owners about the strange occurrences.

After learning about the strange accidents, the new owners Patrice and Jeffrey Stambovsky decided to back out of the contract because of the house’s mysterious past. The former owners, however, refused to return the initial deposit. This is how the Stambovsky vs. Ackley case reached court. The New York Appellate Court ruled out that owners had to reveal information about the house being haunted (since a home inspection wouldn’t be helpful under such circumstances).

The Cage Homes of Hong Kong

According to 2007 statistics, more than 53,000 people in Hong Kong live in the so-called cage homes. A cage home, as its name suggests, consists of nothing more than a bunk bed that is enclosed in a metal cage.

Such cage homes are usually stacked on top of each other and they’ve been an option for individuals that can’t afford a regular home because of the skyrocketing real estate prices in the country. Poor individuals and the ones that don’t get state support are the most common inhabitants of these so-called homes.

According to some unofficial reports, the number of cage home residents could have exceeded 100,000 in 2014. Naturally, the safety conditions and the living conveniences in such properties are non-existent.