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  • 27 Aug 2014

Five Reasons Why Multimedia Real Estate Presentations Make a Great Impact

Writing the perfect real estate listing text is certainly important but what can you do to take the presentation to the next level? The use of multimedia like high quality slideshows and real estate videos will give you the opportunity to create a much more impressive presentation. Here is why the addition of multimedia to your listing is going to deliver the best possible results and help you sell your property faster.

Powerful, Visual Presentation

Everybody loves watching videos. This content is dynamic and much easier to perceive than text.

The video can boost engagement and stimulate more people to pay attention to your real estate listing. If potential buyers like what they see in the multimedia presentation, these people will probably take a look at the text describing the property, as well.

Multimedia is fun and much more engaging. This is one of the reasons why television and other dynamic types of advertising perform so well.

Easy to Popularise

It is so easy to share a link to your video in your social media profiles. This approach is the best one in terms of reaching a large audience and maximising the reach of a traditional home for sale listing.

Sharing such links will also increase the chance of getting people to click on the video and pay attention to what you have to say. The situation is different when text is involved. The chance of getting someone to take a close look at the listing will be much smaller if you refrain from using high quality multimedia presentations.

Impress the Mobile Crowd

The number of people using mobile devices to view real estate listings is growing all of the time. These people have highly specific needs that differ from the ones of individuals relying on a desktop PC or a laptop.

A smartphone or a tablet is characterised by a much smaller screen than a computer. As a result, these people have a limited attention span. To make the most, you will need to grab the attention of the viewer right from the start. A video is the best way to accomplish that goal.

A Lot of Creative Freedom

Using videos gives you a lot more in terms of creative freedom than relying on text to present your property for sale.

There could be a voice-over, subtitles, creative filters and the use of numerous photographs to tell a story. In fact, the video will tell a much more intriguing story than the property description presented in the form of a text.

If you want to be different and to stand out from the crowd, you will need to give the multimedia real estate presentation a try. Such an approach will be great if the supply is currently significant or there are various properties similar to yours for sale at the moment.

You will be an Innovator

Multimedia presentations are already being used but the number of property sellers relying on such presentations is still limited. If you opt for this possibility right now, you will become an innovator in the field.

When competing against others, you will need to show potential buyers something modern and fresh. People relying on text to present their real estate are not embracing anything innovative and unorthodox. Their chances of getting the message across decrease. Multimedia presentations, on the other side, are still exciting. This characteristic turns them into something that potential property buyers will be much more likely to pay attention to.

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