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  • 24 Jun 2015

Eco-PERCH Is Off The Grid!

More and more people are choosing to downsize to smaller spaces, sprouting a whole range of almost Transformer-like homes, which can operate completely off the grid.

Many are still in the concept stage but some are already seeing fruition - such as the Eco-capsule. Its Slovakian manufacturer is already taking orders for delivery next year.

One of the best around seems to be the eco-PERCH from UK-based design and construction company, Blue Forest.

The eco-PERCH concept is based on Blue Forest’s famous tree houses. It’s natural and organic geometry maximises the relationship between the inside space and the outdoor setting, ensuring the structure sits harmoniously within the landscape.

The design is flexible and can be assembled on the ground or, as its name suggests, perched amongst the treetops.

The highly-insulated building can be installed in approximately five days and features sustainable construction materials, double-glazed windows, wall-mounted flat screen TV and DVD, low voltage LED lighting, internal softwood doors, an A-rated LPG or electric hot water heating system, and provision for grey water drainage.