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  • 15 Nov 2014

Selling Real Estate in a Digital World

Selling your house today is quite different from what people used to do 10 years ago. The market is changing and new media are shaping up the manner in which people look for a new home.

These new media have also influenced the attitudes of buyers and the manner in which they perceive real estate listings. Welcome to the digital age! Do you know what it takes to sell successfully in this fast-paced world? The quality of your listing and the manner in which you present the essential information will both be determining for the outcome of your efforts.

For a start, let us address the manner in which people look for property today and the role that digital media play in their search.

Statistics Show that People Look for Property Online

Statistics suggest that nearly 90 percent of the people interested in buying a new home will first look at online listings and information. The number of Google searches connected to real estate purchases has grown by more than 250 percent since 2010!

In addition, almost 20 percent of the real estate searches are completed through a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. 

The number of YouTube searches for property videos is also increasing all the time. Many people are looking for video listings and information connected to buying a new home in the world’s largest video portal.

Are you convinced in the importance of digital media already? We’re witnessing a revolution that started a couple of years back and is reaching its peak today. New media are simplifying the manner in which people present and the manner in which others obtain information. Understanding this new reality and the advantages that it brings will help you make the most of it during the property sale process.

The Digital Audience Responds to Visuals

Digital media give audiences convenience but they also affect the manner in which people are looking for data and the manner in which they perceive information. Think about these factors when putting your real estate listing together.

Visual information is much easier to perceive and it provides a lot more information than text. This is why real estate listings featuring video get nearly 400 percent more inquiries than the ones that lack such multimedia.

Most of the time people spend on exploring real estate listings is dedicated to the photographs and visuals. If these potential buyers like what they’re seeing, chances are that they’ll move on to exploring the text.

Limited Attention Span – Make Your Presentation Flawless

There’s one more digital age phenomenon to take in consideration when putting the property for sale presentation together.

The audience of today has a relatively limited attention span. You’re given just a couple of seconds, after which people will move on to the next listing. If you fail grabbing the attention of the audience in these first seconds, you’ll lose them forever.

This is why high quality visuals have become so important. A beautiful, unique and bright image has a very high chance of captivating the audience. You need to put both thought and effort in the visual aspect of your presentation. Blurry, dark or poorly composed pictures will make your listing miss the mark and decrease the interest of potential buyers.

Go the Extra Mile

If you’re really serious about reaching that digital audience, including the individuals exploring listings on their smartphone, you’ll need to go that extra mile.

A video presentation like the one the My Real Estate Voice team will help you put together is going to address all needs of the contemporary, digital audience. It will speak of professionalism and perfectionism. It’s also your opportunity to stand out and get noticed.

New media provide amazing opportunities but property sellers need to be aware of the specifics and the limitations, as well. real estate buyers have to be impressed right from the start and multimedia are the best option for achieving that goal. Both the quality and the idea matter, which is why some preliminary thought has to be put in the real estate presentation.