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  • 21 Nov 2014

Colours that will Enhance Your Property for Sale Presentation

Colours can provoke a specific type of emotional response but can you use those to enhance the attractiveness of your real estate for sale presentation? Should you consider painting the rooms and choosing accessories in a particular colour prior to getting started?

How the Colour Palette Impacts Buyers

First impressions are everything when it comes to impressing potential property buyers. Even the best real estate photograph could look unattractive because of dark and gloomy colours. Excessive brightness, on the other hand, will distract and it will possibly make the rooms look smaller.

Colour selection is all about finding the perfect balance. A bit of contrast will make your shots intriguing. Taking it too far will result in unnecessary distractions that will make people wonder.

The use of colours can create visual harmony. The paint creates the backdrop. The colours of accessories and furniture put emphasis on the most prominent pieces in each room. Coming up with the best possible combinations is an exact science though some people view it as highly subjective. What somebody may perceive as tasteful somebody else could possibly view as kitschy.

There are theories that certain colours can affect observers in particular ways. The following guide will introduce you to some of the most attractive choices for property sellers and the manner in which these could boost the appeal of the house.

Earth Tones for the Interior

Earth tones are warm and welcoming, which is why they can have a tremendously positive impact on real estate photography.

Beige, yellow, orange, green, blue and even a bit of red can work well in your presentation. The selection of furniture and accessories made of natural materials like wood and stone will enforce the theme even further.

Earth colours are also somewhat muted and they appear peaceful. Unobtrusive tones allow rooms to stand out and look impressive. Though numerous earth tones look well alongside each other, you have to be careful in terms of combinations. Too much red and too much green alongside each other, for example, will be anything but attractive.


According to psychologists, white is the colour of purity and innocence. Everything looks pristine and beautiful if it comes in an impeccable white tone.

White is also the colour associated to minimalism. The colour is a bit lifeless and “sterile,” which is why it works so well for the particular style. White paint and white accessories make small spaces appear much larger, as well. If you need to carry out an optical illusion experiment and add more space, white will be the most suitable colour.

This colour is also great for the exterior shots. White comes in perfect contrast with the green of the grass and the blue sky. Thus, it can be used to make the house stand out and it creates a bit of visual interest.


If you’ve taken a look at real estate listings and photographs, you’ve probably noticed that grey has gained some popularity. Several reasons are determining for the attractiveness of this colour selection.

Grey, especially its metallic nuances add a bit of sophistication to the interior design. There’s something really urban about this colour, especially when grey paint is combined with the right furniture and accessories. Metal ornaments and glass will work great with this colour.

Some people, however, find grey to be a cold and aloof colour. The trick is to use it for the creation of visual interest rather than make it overpowering.

Other Possibilities

Depending on the philosophy you’ve adopted and your aesthetics, the colour selection may differ from the options already mentioned. Artistic individuals may want to opt for something a bit more cheerful and those believing in feng-shui will go for completely different colours.

Here are several other nice picks that will add stylishness to your real estate photographs.

Black is a truly dramatic colour and a great option for grabbing the attention of the individual viewing your real estate listing. For many people, black is the classiest and most sophisticated colour. In addition, it works well in combination with other tones. Black and white or black and red are two perfect, classic combinations.

We haven’t said anything about the brightest and most cheerful colour of them all – yellow. Yellow can be used to warm up every room. It’s a tone that brings an instant smile to the faces of people. Yellow is a great pick for a kid’s room or a living room. There’s something really clean and chic about yellow, especially when it comes in a combination with white.

Naturally, good results can sometimes be obtained by breaking the rules. It’s up to you to figure out what works for your home and how you can enhance those real estate photographs. Keeping it classy and timeless is a great, safe option if you’re reluctant about experimenting. Alternatively, you need to think about consistency and visual appeal when choosing colours.