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  • 03 Jul 2014

Characteristics of Real Estate Photos that will Help You Sell Your House Privately

The majority of real estate buyers rely on the property photographs to decide whether to pursue a particular option or to look for something else. Are you making full use of this opportunity? Do you know what the photos are saying about the house you are attempting to sell privately?

Good photos have the right composition, they look bright, inviting and professional. You can make the perfect pictures, even if you lack the necessary training or the expensive photographic experience that professionals use.

If you want to make sure that your house photos look extra-special, you can consider work with a professional photographer. Alternatively, follow these steps to ensure the success of your private property sale marketing attempts.

Fix and Clean the House before Taking Photos!

Even if you are a master photographer, you will find it incredibly difficult to make a messy and poorly maintained house look attractive.

The first step towards taking amazing real estate photos involves tidying up and cleaning each room. Have you ever come across real estate photos that feature unmade beds or dirty dishes in the kitchen sink? Nothing speaks of negligence like the lack of attention to detail.

Every part of your home should be spotless. Clean the floors and make sure that all hardwood surfaces have been polished. A fresh bouquet of flowers or the addition of a few beautiful accessories can create an even more spectacular atmosphere. Take at least one day for cleaning the house before getting started with your real estate photography attempts.

The Importance of Proper Light

You are now ready to start creating the promo materials for your private property sale. Light is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of photographs. You need to be very conscious about both natural light and the lights in your home when creating the exterior and interior pictures.

When it comes to landscape and exterior photography, you should start the photo session early in the morning on a sunny and calm day. Photographing the outside in the middle of the day will have you combating very intense sunlight that will take away from the beauty of the composition.

You may have to do a little bit of light tweaking inside the home before beginning. Avoid fluorescent lighting because it will give your photos greenish-blue colour that will look quite unnatural.

Even light is the key to having a uniformly bright picture. Having excessively bright or very dark spots will take away from the appeal of your presentation and deprive potential buyers of getting a really good idea about your house’s qualities.

Learn Something about Composition and Angle

Composition is one of the most important features of professional photography. You should learn a little bit about composing a visually-appealing photograph.

Focus on the most important element you want to position in the photograph and make sure that it is positioned centrally. Include a little bit of background to give the viewer a better idea about placement and interior design. Composition should be kept in mind, even when you are zooming into the little details that make real estate photos interesting and exciting.

You should also turn the camera from horizontal to vertical and back. You will instinctively hold the camera horizontally but a vertical picture may be providing a lot more information.

Get up and go down, as well. Photographing something usual from an unusual angle can create a spectacular presentation. Real estate photography has a few basic rules but you are allowed to have fun with it, as well.

Interior Photographs can be a Challenge

When shooting inside the house, do your best to give the potential buyer both wide pictures and close ups.

Use as much natural light, as possible. Photograph the rooms during the day and male sure that light is coming from the right direction.

Always take several different photos of the same thing. Something may look quite great on the small display of your camera but once you download the photos, you may end up being disappointed. This is why you should have at least five frames shot from different angles to choose among.

Focus is as important, as light and composition. Avoid trying to take pictures very close to a particular item because such photos will usually look blurry. A tripod may come in handy for such photos. Shaky hands can ruin all of your efforts – avoiding the risk is quite simple.

Do a Bit of Editing

You are almost ready to start promoting your private property sale. A little bit of image editing should finalise the process.

When it comes to image editing, try to keep the pictures as close to the original, as possible. Cropping pictures and doing a bit of contrast or balance adjustment is permissible. Altering the reality of your home through the use of image editing software is not!

These are some of the most essential real estate photography basics. Experiment with the pictures, be meticulous and tell an entire visual story. Give potential buyers a lot of information, if you are interested in selling the house quickly.

Photo courtesy of, author: Christopher Meder