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  • 16 Dec 2015


There's always that debate at Christmas, isn't there? Should you buy fun gifts, or useful gifts? I'm not talking socks and jocks but, with so many people on tight budgets, is it perhaps better to give a gift that will used and enjoyed, rather than another knick-knack or novelty item that will end up in the cupboard!

If you've got a DIY enthusiast in the family, you should have no trouble at all finding the perfect gift. Here are some ideas.


Gift certificates

This is an easy one, and may feel like the easy way out but believe it or not, DIYers LOVE gift certificates for their favourite hardware store! The reason being is that there is always something they need or want and this gives them the freedom to go and choose.



This follows on from the gift certificate, really, except you are choosing for them! Some DIYers say you can never have too many tools, but others may think the five drills they already have are enough!! Talk to family or friends to see if there is a particular item the gift recipient needs or wants.

If you want to choose for them, however, you could always go for one of the latest hi-tech DIY gadgets - but once unwrapped, don't expect to hear a word from them for the rest of Christmas Day, while they work out how to use it!

One nifty little item that's doing the rounds at the moment is the Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver, which comes with some unusual optional extras, including a corkscrew adapter, and salt and pepper grinder! See your local Bosch dealer.


A good flashlight

Sounds a bit lame perhaps but seriously, it's one of those items you have to have - and it's never there when you need it! A good flashlight is a great gift that will be much appreciated over the years to come.


Home improvement books/CDs

If your gift is for a DIY beginner, or a child, you might consider an illustrated 'how to' book or CD. These are not only a great source of reference, but they are also easy to refer back to. You might also consider enrolling the person in a DIY workshop.


Tool box or belt

Depending on the type of DIY or renovation the gift recipient is into, you might buy them a tool box or belt. For a friend or family member who is renovating or building a house, a tool belt will be extremely useful - especially if they are crawling around in small spaces or on the roof.

For the less extreme DIY enthusiast there are some very smart tool boxes on the market and you will find a good selection at your local hardware store.

If you're keen to really impress - and can afford it - it's now possible to buy tool chests that include radios, fridges and even TVs!!