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  • 21 Aug 2014

A Guide to Smartphone Real Estate Photography

We all feel comfortable and familiar with smartphone photography. Entire websites are already dedicated to featuring galleries of impeccable photos created by iPhone and other smartphone variety users.

Are you considering the creation of real estate photos with your phone? This trend is becoming increasingly popular. The number of people who take all kinds of photographs with an iPhone increases all the time. If you follow a few basic rules, you will be capable of doing a good job and presenting your house’s most attractive features.

The following guide will acquaint you with some of the most important factors for the success of smartphone real estate photography.

Come Up with a Photography List

No matter what kind of device you choose for shooting real estate photos, always come up with a photography list.

Sit down and think about the kind of shots that will contribute the most to your real estate for sale presentation. You will need a couple of panoramic shots, a focus on the façade, a few pictures presenting the garden and the patio, photos of each room and a couple of shots focusing on interesting details and accessories.

Knowing what you are going after will help you focus your efforts and increase the productivity of your real estate photographic attempts. Remember to make several shots for each idea, in order to have enough options to choose from.

Get Quality Light, if You Want to Use a Smartphone Camera

Most smartphone cameras can do a lot, if the light is of sufficient quality. Dim light will quickly result in gloomy, pixilated and unprofessional pictures.

Take a shot early in the morning and one late in the afternoon to see the difference. It all depends on the technical specifications of your camera but even the most expensive of smartphones come with limitations in terms of photo quality in darker conditions.

If necessary, find additional sources of light for the indoor shots. These are the ones you will find most challenging to execute. Choose a sunny day and let as much natural light in, as possible. Don’t make photos while facing the windows – these will result in highlights making the items in the picture difficult to recognise.

The same rule applies to shooting mirrors and glossy surfaces. The reflected light will interfere with the quality of the pictures.

Choose the Highest Resolution

Take a look at the camera’s settings before getting started with your shots. A few adjustments will quickly boost the quality of your smartphone real estate photographs.

For a start, adjust the resolution. Most cameras come with several settings, depending on the number of megapixels. If you have a five-megapixel camera on your phone, for example, the highest resolution setting will be 2592x1552 pixels.

ISO is another feature you will need to adjust. In the past, ISO referred to a film’s sensitivity to light. In the era of digital photography, however, ISO has come to refer to something else. It measures how sensitive the image sensor is. A higher ISO setting will be needed in darker situations because the shutter speed will be faster, thus reducing the risk of blur.

The normal ISO reading is considered to be 100. It is usually sufficient to produce crisp photographs. You can try your phone’s automatic ISO setting and you can also change it manually to see how the photos will change.

Steady Hands

When it comes to iPhone photography, having a steady hand is even more important than in the case of using a digital camera.

Any shake or tremble will produce noticeable blurriness. This is especially true for indoor photography and pictures taken in anything but perfect light conditions. Practice, practice, practice! Make sure that your hands remain steady throughout the shoot. Take a time out if you get tired – this way, you will be guaranteeing the quality of your photographs.

Alternatively, you can get a tripod for your smartphone. There are tripods for nearly all popular smartphone varieties on the market. Such an accessory will guarantee the stability of the shot.

Try a Few Photo Apps

The final option you can try in terms of creating perfect real estate photos involves the usage of the right app. An application can enhance the quality or give you access to a couple of fun effects that will make the pictures more intriguing and visually-pleasing.

There are photo apps for iPhones and Android phones that enable panoramic photograph creation. Other apps enable amateur photographers when light is best for taking real estate pictures. There are photography apps that create collages, to share photographs or to add filters to the final product. Don’t overdo it in terms of image manipulation. Pictures that look natural are the ones that will impress potential buyers the most.

Photo courtesy of: Joseph Morris