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  • 13 Oct 2014

A Guide to doing Home Staging Like a Pro

What’s the one thing you need to do before photographing your property? The answer is simple and it consists of two words – home staging! Should you hire professionals for the job or do it yourself? Having good taste and following a number of essential rules will help you stage like a pro.

The purpose of home staging is to create the ideal environment, the one that a potential buyer will fall in love with. Take your personality out of the equation, focus on cleanliness and aesthetics. You can’t go wrong with this combination.

Chandeliers Add Sophistication

The purchase of a beautiful chandelier is one of the best low-investment possibilities for boosting the appeal of your property.

Beautiful chandeliers don’t have to be excessively expensive. Just pick an item that looks great, even if it comes at a discounted price. The shape, the crystals and the additional light will make your photographs “sparkle.”

A chandelier will also contribute to enchanting potential buyers during the home inspection. This is why you should start looking for the perfect piece to put over the dining table right now.

Scale and Furniture Selection

The furniture in each room should be chosen according to the size of the room. An oversized sofa is going to make a tiny living room look even smaller.

Streamlined, smooth and minimalist furniture will be the best option for such spaces. If you don’t want to buy new furniture before the property sale, you’ll simply need to take some of the pieces out of each room.

Empty space looks good in photographs and it creates the illusion of rooms being bigger than they actually are. The very same rule applies to the selection of accessories like mirrors, lamp shades, rugs and carpets. Think about the perspective every time, especially when it comes to furniture arrangements.

The Difference between Clean and Sterile

You’ll have to find the perfect balance between clean and lived-in. Showing that a family has been living in the house for a very long period of time may turn some of the potential buyers away. An excessively clean house will look sterile and lacking personality.

A basket of fresh fruits and veggies will show a bit of your presence. The same applies to a vase containing a fresh flower bouquet. Your family pictures and souvenirs, however, should be taken out of the house.

Colour Balance

Opt for sophisticated colour combinations, if you want the photos to look spectacular.    

Neutral colours are the best ones because they let the most prominent pieces of furniture and decorations in the room shine and be the star of the picture. White is a bit lifeless, which is why you should go for something warmer like beige or ivory.

Funky colours will add a lot of personality to your home but many potential buyers might be turned off by such experiments. Keep the lime green or the funky pink for the walls of your next home rather than for the house you’re trying to sell.

Show the Outside of the Property

Are you showing potential buyers everything that they need to know? This is why your home staging efforts should affect the outside of the property, as well.

Take a look at the porch and the furniture located there. If necessary, varnish the wooden surfaces to give them a bit of extra shine. Adding beautiful lanterns to the design or placing some potted flowers on the porch will also contribute to the creation of the right atmosphere.

Finally, you’ll need to do a bit of landscaping in order to give the backyard extra-special appeal.

Once you complete these steps, you’ll feel ready for organising a photo shoot. Remember that the preliminary preparation is as important, as paying attention to details during the photo shoot. If you want to sell your house quickly, you’ll need to excel both staging and picture-taking.