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"Anytime I had anything to do with the staff they were very conscientious, they are reliable and very friendly."

Rose Barnes

"I was extremely happy with the service that was provided and I would strongly recommend for anyone selling a business or property."

Alan Burns

"We were very pleased with the advert and how much our property sold for. There was no pressure put on us to re-purchase another ad. We have had no hassle with the team and the bonus was we didn’t have to pay any commission."

Ken Auld

To be honest this is the best thing to happen to us, as business sellers. It spreads the message in a clear and straight to the point method. The video was very easy and uncomplicated. I’m very impressed!”

Nabil Elias

“I’m very happy with the way my property was presented in the video. I can’t wait to see the results that come from the presentation the My Real Estate Voice team have put together.”  

Marian Burnham

“The quality of the film and the voice narrative was beyond expectation and the staff at My Real Estate Voice have been absolutely superb with their keenness in selling my property in this wonderful new medium.”  

Nick Pitsinos

“What an awesome concept! Exactly what is needed in the market.”   

James McNeil

“I thought the video was very nice and the background music mixed well with the voice over. It really sold our lifestyle well and gave a good indication of what was available in our area in regards to the overall community. The service was quick and very easy to organise. I really appreciated that staff kept us up to date all the time.”  

Susan Saunders