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  • 03 Mar 2015

The Top Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2015

About to attempt selling your house in 2015? Knowing which marketing approach to select can have a serious impact on the amount of time your listing is going to remain on the market. Certain promotional strategies have already lost some of their charm while others are just starting to gain popularity.

So, what would it take to sell a house in 2015? We’re going to acquaint you with five of the most reliable and effective advertising technique that you’ll need to start using, in order to attract serious buyers.

The Growing Power of Mobile    

Many people are starting to rely on mobile apps and smartphones to look for a new house. Know how to address this particular audience and how to present your real estate for sale in the best possible light.

Visual listings tend to perform much better for the mobile crowd. Reading a lot of text on a small screen is certainly far from the most convenient possibility. A photograph or a video will tell these potential buyers everything that they need to know.

The quality of your presentation should be outstanding, if you want to make it effective enough on a small screen. Invest in a professional photo shoot or borrow this kind of equipment, in order to boost the attractiveness of the images.

The Growing Power of Visual

We’ve already talked a little bit about this growing trend but visual advertising is becoming so powerful that it certainly deserves to be mentioned as a separate technique. The more visual your campaign is, the more successful you’re going to be.

The human brain processes visual information much faster than it does process text. This is why the use of images and videos will make the potential audience desire the house almost instantaneously. If you manage to attract the attention of these individuals right from the start, they will be willing to learn more about the house for sale.

We’ve already published several guides about the best photography techniques. Here’s a general real estate photography overview and we’ve also written about using a smartphone to take attractive property pictures.

Marketing Targeted towards the Millennial Generation

The profile of the real estate buyer is changing and this is something else you’ll need to keep in mind throughout 2015.

Members of the millennial generation (people in their 20s and 30s) are becoming more active and they’re already searching for a first home to buy. If you want to appeal to this generation of buyers, you’ll need to adopt a particular marketing approach.

The millennial generation is technology-savvy. The more innovative your listing is, the more interested such buyers are going to be. Millennials rely on technology on a daily basis. They are on social networks, they’re comfortable with mobile apps and all digital content formats. Keep those facts in mind when picking a marketing channel.

Keep in mind that the millennial generation is somewhat conservative and indecisive when it comes to buying property. Your presentation has to be impeccable in order to get these potential buyers interested.

Creative Listings 

Using photo and video is one of the opportunities for making your listings a bit more creative but you can rely on various other approaches, as well. What matters is standing out and distinguishing your marketing efforts from the traditional listing.

You can come up with a cover collage that’s the introduction to your photo gallery. An infographic or an accurate diagram can also make your listing more informative and memorable.

The power of print media is still significant but think digital, if you want to accomplish the most in 2015. Focus on uniqueness and appeal to the buyers emotionally. If you manage to do just that, you’ll soon find yourself receiving offers.

Putting Emphasis on Local Marketing

Local marketing will rule the world of online promotion in 2015.

Many individuals that look for property use search engines to find listings. They usually enter a keyword related to the type of property they want to buy and a keyword that’s geographic (city, district, neighbourhood). This is called a local search.

Though photo and video is great, you still need some text to optimise your listing. Add a geographic term to your listing’s title and make sure that it’s included in the property description, as well. Well-written listings will dominate search engine results, giving you better exposure.