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  • 08 Oct 2014

A Few Simple Tricks that will Improve the Appearance of Your Home for Sale

Can you name the characteristics of the perfect real estate picture? The skills of the photographer certainly matter when it comes to composition, perspective, angle and framing. But a few other features happen to be much more important. These include the condition of the property and the home staging efforts.

The perfect real estate photos require a lot of hard, preparatory work. Doing a few home adjustments and taking a weekend or two to improve the appearance of each room will have a profound impact on the quality of the photographs.

Interested in creating the perfect property for sale presentation? Here are a few simple tricks that will improve the appearance of your home and bring up the quality of your listing pictures.

Start with the Basics: De-Clutter

The first step is the most time-consuming and the most important one for getting that perfect shot. It involves de-cluttering and dedicating a day to thorough cleaning, scrubbing and surface polishing.

Even if your house is beautifully spacious, its photographic representation will look crammed because of clutter. This is why you need to make sure there’s enough empty space in each of the rooms. 

Going through the piles of things you have accumulated through the years will certainly be difficult and time consuming. If you want to impress potential buyers, however, you’ll have to make sure that only quality pieces remain in the house. 

Choose Flattering Colours

Changing the colours of the walls is a quick and simple project that will result in an instant transformation.

Certain colours happen to be crowd pleasers and they also photograph quite well. Think about lighter tones – they look crisper and they make the spaces look bigger. Beige, light blue and pale pink can all be considered among the best tones for your real estate presentation.

Do a bit of colour coordination, as well. Make sure that the tones you choose work well with the furniture and the accessories already in your home. Opting for neutral colours like beige, light grey and white will simplify the task of matching the tones and making sure that they look good together.

Why It’s Important to Take Your Family “Out” of the House

Apart from having to de-clutter the home, you will also need to work on de-personalisation.

The best real estate photographs enable the potential buyer to imagine the property as their new home. Such pictures are suggestive enough but they let the imagination of the prospect do the rest.

Having your family belongings present in every picture will simply show that the home is yours and not potentially somebody else’s. Family souvenirs, trophies, pictures and even fridge magnets need to be taken down before you begin taking pictures.

Lights, Mirrors and Accessories

We’ve already talked about the importance of light for attractive pictures. You can do a couple of home adjustments that will bring the light in and make your rooms brighter.

The selection of the right light bulbs, chandeliers and fixtures is the first part of the process (though it’s not advisable to use a lot of artificial light while photographing). These will add to the attractiveness of the interior design so a project involving new lights is certainly worth executing.

Place mirrors in strategic places. They will reflect light and add some charm to each of the rooms.

While we are at it, you might think about other accessories that create a modern, cosy and beautiful image. When it comes to interior design accessory selection, less is always more. Opt for a few tasteful and sophisticated pieces rather than for a whole medley of mediocre decorations that add very little to the stylishness of the property. Use the accessories to create a consistent design theme throughout the house.

Clear the Countertops, Add Flowers

Having fewer items on the countertops will contribute further to a streamlined, minimalist and modern image. Store everything in the kitchen cabinets and the closets. Leave only meaningful pieces on the countertops.

A bowl of fruits on the kitchen table will look good and add a splash of colour. The same applies to a beautiful flower bouquet. Such colourful accents can be present here and there but do your best not to overdo it. Too many decorations can look distractive and take attention away from the most important items in the picture.

Once you are done with these adjustments, you can schedule the property photo shoot. Choose the right day to take the pictures and pick the right photographic equipment. Here’s our guide to creating the perfect real estate photographs.