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  • 14 Mar 2015

Getting Your House Ready for a Sale: How to Make Your Property More Appealing

A few preliminary steps can contribute to the perfect real estate photograph. Take some time to work on the house, if you’re considering a sale in the near future. The preliminary steps will make the property more appealing to potential buyers and also set the marketing campaign apart.

Several preliminary steps will have much bigger impact on the attractiveness of the house than all other work. Here are a few essentials to focus on, if you want to sell quickly.

Clean and De-Clutter!

It’s not possible to put just enough emphasis on how important property cleaning is. 

You’ve been living in this house for such a long time that distancing yourself and looking at it objectively will be a difficult task. Somebody that is viewing it for the first time, however, will be turned off by dust, faded surfaces and all the other small imperfections. Clean everything and be thorough with dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing.

Get rid of all the clutter. Small souvenirs, collectibles, family photographs and other personal items need to be removed before you begin the property sale process. De-personalisation makes it easier for somebody else to view the house as their own. 

Shiny Surfaces

A wooden floor is a great asset but it has to look good in order to impress. The same applies to the beautiful granite countertop. Make sure that these impressive surfaces look shiny and new.

There are numerous types of products that you can use to improve the appearance of the biggest surfaces. Something as simple as getting the floor waxed can make a huge difference. If necessary, think about professional treatments. These aren’t expensive and they can give older floors a second life.

Throw out the old carpets or store those away while selling. Ornate carpets and rugs take attention away from the aspects that matter the most.

Pay Attention to the Bathroom and the Kitchen

Buyers pay attention to two rooms in the house before exploring anything else. These rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. Focus your efforts on these two places, if you want to impress right from the start.

If necessary, have the kitchen cabinets resurfaced or spray painted. A change of colour will create visual consistency, plus it will hide some imperfections. Put away old appliances. Organise the plates and utensils in the cabinets and keep the surfaces clean – this move will make the kitchen appear much more spacious.

Sprucing up the bathroom can also be simple. Replace the old accessories like the shower curtains and the towel rings. The bathtub and the shower tray should look clean and damage-free. Scrub those clean because they will get faded with use.

A Few General Repairs can go a Long Way

Several basic repairs that are inexpensive can have a tremendous visual impact.

A coat of paint is the perfect possibility for transforming every room. You can play with the colours and the change will add a bit of freshness and modernity to your place.

Before getting started with painting, you should patch any holes or cracks in the walls.

Take a look at tiles and replace cracked or broken ones. Fix the jammed doors and windows. Finally, make sure there are no leaky faucets or poorly functioning toilets. These are all viable DIY repairs that will have an impact.

Don’t Underestimate Curb Appeal

Once you finish work on the inside of the house, pay attention to the outdoor spaces. Curb appeal is even more important than the interior design because it creates the first impression.

A little bit of landscaping can go a long way. Straighten the flower beds, pull out the weeds and make sure that the grass looks well-trimmed. Repair the fence and accessorise the porch a little bit. You can use light, potted flowers and garden furniture to create a cosy outdoor space for family relaxation.

The front door, the windows and the façade of the house deserve a little bit of sprucing up, as well.

Consider Home Staging

You’re almost ready to photograph your house for sale and to get started with the process. The final option you may want to consider is home staging.

Home staging presents the full potential of the property. It looks stylish and it provokes an emotional response from the potential buyer. Otherwise, you risk having the house looking too sterile and lacking personality.

You can do staging on your own or you can hire professionals for the job. Both options can work if the focus is on aesthetics and highlighting the best features of the property. 

Modernising your home and making it more appealing before a sale doesn’t have to be expensive. Consider the steps that will deliver the biggest positive change and that require the smallest budget. The return on investment needs to be calculated, as well. Figure out what the biggest problem areas are and know what contributes to the uniqueness of your house. These are the aspects you should be focusing on.