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  • 30 Nov 2014

Online Real Estate Advertising 101: Five Rules for Success

Nine out of 10 home buyers today use internet to find the perfect house. New technologies, including mobile internet usage, are shaping up the world of real estate buying and selling. According to Google data, real estate searches have increased by 22 percent on an annual basis and a fifth of those searches are conducted through a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone.

Are you considering the sale of your house in the near future? If so, you’ll need to keep these figures about online property searches in mind. Your campaign should be created to address the preferences of buyers. This is why you need to make your real estate listing internet and mobile device-friendly.

Do you have any idea how to do online property promotion? Try the following five rules to reach the right audience and close the deal in the best possible way.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words in the Online World

Text is important for giving the audience all of the details but the picture is the one thing that can grab the attention of the potential property buyer.

Make sure that your real estate photographs have the best possible quality. You can rely on the My Real Estate Voice property photography guide to accomplish the best results. There’s no need to buy professional photographic equipment – it’s all about having a good idea, choosing the right moment and doing a bit of home staging.

Photographs are great for online presentations viewed both on a large screen and on the small smartphone display. Use the photos to tell a story – present both the fine details and the “big picture.” A creative slideshow is the best opportunity for setting yourself apart and making your presentation unique.

See What Others have to Offer and be Different

You can get a really good idea about what looks good online by exploring other property listings.

Try to explore these listings as a potential buyer. Which real estate presentations appear to be most attractive? What features do they share? Are you impressed by colourful photographs, witty texts or the presence of video real estate presentations?

This information can be used to shape up your own presentation. You can easily get inspired by the best practices you find online. Avoiding the mistakes that decrease the attractiveness of other real estate listings will definitely be to your advantage.

Alternatively, you can strive to create something completely different. It’s up to you to figure out how to make your listing original. Relying on your sense of humour or having breathtaking multimedia are both viable options.

Social Networks are Your Friends

Once you’ve created the perfect presentation, it’s time to spread the news. You have many great opportunities for reaching potential buyers.

Social networks are your friends, especially if you have a beautiful photo or video real estate presentation. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and even Instagram can be used to reach a big number of individuals and increase your chances of finding a serious buyer fast.

Social media marketing requires consistent efforts. Share your pictures and tell members of your network that you’re selling. Asking these people to spread the news among their followers is great for making your campaign viral.

Know How the Audience is Accessing Your Listing

Try to find out more about the manner in which people are accessing your real estate listing.

Are they relying on a desktop computer? Do more people use tablets and smartphones to view your offer? It may be difficult to access this kind of information but going through online trend reports can help you figure out what the best way of reaching the audience is.

Keep the specifics of the screen in mind when doing your advertising. If you’re mainly trying to reach a mobile crowd, you’ll have to make your presentation overly visual.

Taking Your Presentation to the Next Level

Want to take your listing to the next level? A video real estate presentation can help you accomplish a lot in the online realm.

The My Real Estate Voice team can help you for the creation of a beautiful clip that’s based on your photographs. This kind of multimedia assistance will turn you into an innovator and help you stand out. Video is becoming increasingly important in the world of online real estate sales. We’re here to help you get started and make the most of the opportunity.

Internet helps you reach a large national or even international crowd. This is why you should come up with the perfect listing that is optimised for online viewing, The quality of your photographs matters and so does the overall concept. Take some time to think about your presentation and choose a reliable partner like My Real Estate Voice to excel and reach a serious, committed buyer.