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  • 15 Jul 2015


. . . And everything in its place! It may sound like something your Grandma would say but it actually makes a lot of sense in our downsizing world.
Many of us are choosing to go smaller these days, for many different reasons. Cost is a major reason, of course, but many people simply don't want or need such large homes anymore.
But if you're moving from a bigger property, and have heaps of belongings, space can become a frustrating issue when you downsize.
However, there are now a plethora of clever storage ideas on the market, or you can indulge your creative side by coming up with your own.
It's all about thinking outside the box - literally! Something useful can also be decorative, and vice versa. Start to re-think how you use common household items, or op shop finds, and you'll be creating a trendy designer look AND solving your storage needs.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Vintage suitcases

Do a round of your local op shops and junk shops and you're likely to find these in varying shapes and sizes. Choose two or more that you think will go well together and you're halfway there. Bigger suitcases can be placed on the floor, piled up, either dead straight, if you're OCD, or at a jaunty angle.
Smaller cases might look better piled up on a trunk, table or chest of drawers. Instant - and generous - storage space! And an awesome decorative piece to boot!
If it's stable enough top it off with a couple of old books or a vase of flowers.


The same idea as suitcases - but a lot more space! Again, op shops and antique dealers will be your source and it doesn't really matter what state they are in. You might find lovely old carved camphor chests, wooden garden trunks or, if you're really lucky, one of the old wardrobe trunks that our ancestors used when they made the ocean crossing to Australia.


Remember the old laundry hampers - big and rectangular? These can be found in all sorts of places and can easily be scrubbed up and lined with fabric to make great storage for linen or winter woollies.

Retro boxes

A trip down to your local Dollar Tree or Reject Shop will have you well set up for not a lot! These types of shop all have sets of cardboard boxes, ranging in size from small to enormous, and easily stacked. You'll find a range to match your style, be is floral, geometric or vintage.